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We Refer Conveyancing Client’s to trusted members of our conveyancing panels.

Whenever you buy, sell or remortgage a property you’ll want the services of a firm that is expert in Conveyancing to help you complete the legal side of the transaction properly, smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Unfortunately, not all businesses that offer Conveyancing services are as proficient or as value-for-money as they could be. You should also be aware that there is no set standard for the information that should be contained in a Conveyancing quotation.

If you don’t already have a trusted professional
who will do this work for you at a competitive
price, then we’d recommend that you consider the
accompanying, comprehensive quotations. The last
thing that we want is for your transaction to be made
more difficult or more expensive than it needs to be!
We are able to provide accurate, real-time quotations from a number of the country’s top conveyancing specialist firms using an award-winning system.In summary, using this system brings you these benefits:

• Expertise and efficiency: Access to top,
conveyancing-specialist firms

• Dedicated case handlers: Colleagues to
cover holidays and absences as back up

• Value for money: Economies of scale and
communication by phone and email keep fees
very competitive

• No Completion, No Fee: No Charge for the lawyer’s time if your case doesn’t complete
• Itemised Quotations: Easy to read and understand+
• Guaranteed Fees: The price quoted will be the
price you pay
• Information flow: Our business is kept informed
of progress
• No need to visit the law firm: no need to take timeout, everything is done by post and emailIf you are happy with an accompanying quotation and would like us to go ahead and instruct a law firm on our behalf, please let us know and we will be pleased to do this for you.

Please be aware that as this is a special arrangement through the system that we use, you are not able to instruct the law firm yourself and still obtain the same
package of benefits.

* Applicable to ‘purchase’ type transactions in England and Wales.
+ Our quotations are not location-specific so in some instances additional searches at additional cost may be required e.g. a mining search if the property is in a mining area if this is required please tell your advisor.
# Fees are guaranteed although extra charges may be applicable should additional work that was not allowed for in the original quotation become necessary.

Conveyancing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority